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Gomibo Belgium

Who is Gomibo:

Gomibo offers various telecom-related products, such as phones, tablets and phone contracts. It offers customers the opportunity to simultaneously compare phones and contract, and offers them the best service with fast delivery and good return conditions. The firm is based in Groningen in the Netherlands from which it ships next-day to whole Europe. Gomibo is part of the Dutch telecom web shop Belsimpel, that has an online market share of almost 50% in the Netherlands and is a well-known and well-established firm there. In total, Gomibo sells over 600 different phones to make sure that its customers have a wide range of options to choose from. Part of the assortment are well-known brands such as Apple and Samsung, but also less well-known manufacturers such as Realme, Xiaomi and OnePlus. At Gomibo, customers can combine the phone they purchase with a contract and accessories (e.g. cases and screen protectors).


What do we offer our customers:

·An all-in-one comparison tool that helps customers find the phone and contract they prefer.

·The best bundle and sim only prices.

·Fast delivery to 29 countries and 31-day free return possibility.

·A complete assortment with both well- and less-known brands to give customers maximum choice.

·Over 15 years of experience in the telecom industry.

·A website & customer service in 7 languages.


Benefits for partners:

·For our partners, we offer attractive commissions up to 42,50 euro per sale.

·Updated product information available via data feed.

·Quick sales validation.

·Landing pages are continuously optimised for conversions.

·We offer several promotional options.


In case of any questions, you can reach us directly via We are more than happy to help.


3.00 - 42.50 € / Sale (fix)
(Modell: Standard-Modell)

30 Tage


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